2010 - present

2010 - present

Fire and Emergency Services Department



                Providing structural fire response with two Class A fire engines and

                emergency medical services ranging from basic life support care to

                advanced life support or paramedic care



East side of Town Hall

6515A Hoochaneetsa Blvd.

Cochiti Lake, NM 87083



In case of emergency dial 9-1-1

How does a volunteer fire department work?

Our department is staffed by members of the communities we serve and surrounding communities. Some of our members live in Santa Fe and Rio Rancho and staff our station based on their availability and the need of the department. Our members that live in the area are provided radios and pagers that are activated by Sandoval Regional Communications in Rio Rancho when an Emergency Response is needed. Our members are paid a stipend for their time when they provide services to the community although this stipend is generally only enough to help our members with the cost of volunteering such as fuel cost to travel to trainings and to the station for emergencies. We have members from Cochiti Lake, Cochiti Pueblo, Pena Blanca, Sile, and Santo Domingo as well as Santa Fe and Rio Rancho. Our members are required to meet the same training and licensing requirements as a large paid department so rest assured that the services you are receiving are top-notch!

What kinds of services are provided?

The department currently provides Emergency Medical Services ranging from Basic Life Support care to Advanced Life Support or Paramedic Care. Our EMS division is well equipped with a new ambulance and the newest cardiac monitoring and airway technology available. Our EMS Division is supervised by the Fire Chief, Assistant Medical Chief and an Emergency Medicine Physician from the University of New Mexico Hospital that participates in the training of our EMT’s and the ongoing review of medical care provided by our team to ensure that the best possible policies are being used and the best possible medical equipment is purchased. Our Department also provides Structural Fire Response with two Class A fire engines. Our Structural Fire Engines are well equipped with reliable and quality equipment to ensure that our members provide quality services to the community while remaining safe. Some of our members are also trained in specialty services such as Wildland Firefighting, Mountain Rescue and Vehicle Extrication, Swift Water Rescue, Rope Rescue and Hazardous Materials Response. Our Specialty Services continue to expand and members are still training on new techniques to ensure that we are always prepared to assist the communities we serve.We use also own a Brush Truck for Wildland fire response and a Special Rescue Vehicle to move rescue equipment to the scenes of emergencies.

How does our department compare to other towns of similar size?

The department currently provides Emergency Medical Services ranging from Basic Life

Our department is unique due to the diversity of the region that we serve. We have members from every walk of life. Our department is culturally diverse as we have a member from every community that we serve. This brings a unique sense of responsibility to our communities to go above and beyond. The ISO office has provided our Fire Department with the classification of 3 which is one of the highest in our area.

Are more volunteers needed?

There are currently more than 20 volunteers in the Fire and Emergency Services Department.  More volunteers are needed for medical training as an EMT, fire training to become a firefighter, response support training to assist with operating emergency vehicles, and administrative support training to assist with administrative duties.  Our department provides a minimum of 2 hours of medical training per month and 2 hours of fire training per month.  The length of training varies based on the role the member wishes to fill.  


Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or 16 years of age to be a Junior Member, desire to serve the community, and have a satisfactory background check.

An Interview with Chief John Gurule