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The Artists of Cochiti Lake 

Ramon Barela

Don Jones

Fran Barton

Sculpture, painter, musician. Ramon and his wife bought the "compound" on Hoochaneetsa and have turned it into a work of art both inside and outside. 


The house was waiting for them. It's the perfect house to showcase Ramon's eclectic art and his wife's extensive folk art collection.

Fran has a unique eye for color, movement and shapes as seen her photography. 


Fran has been a resident of Cochiti Lake for over 20 years. 


Studio Artist in Cochiti Lake from 2015 to present. 

University of Utah, BFA

Montana State University - MAA


Has been a professional exhibiting artist since 1978 most notably owner of Don Jones Ceramic in Albuquerque from 1992-2005. Teaching clay and drawing at Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, SD and adjunct lexturere at California State University, Bakersfield. 


Contact Don:

William Pollard

Photographer originally from Ohio, now resides in the Town of Cochiti Lake with his adorable dog Gabby. 


William is inspired by the landscape of Cochiti and Santo Domingo Pueblos and the bountiful nature. 

Hope Miura

Hope has travelled around the world collecting driftwood and pairing them with stones, beads, mirrors and art to make one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to make you smile. 


Hope resides in Cochiti Heights with her partner Susan.  


Karen Lesniak

Karen moved here from Pennsylvania where she dreamed of becoming an artist as a kid growing up on a rural farm. Many of her pieces reflect times in her life where she experienced things that helped to shape her values and beliefs today. 


Karen lives in town with her husband and their wonderful dog. 

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