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Irene S. Sweetkind Public Library



The Irene S. Sweetkind Public Library in the Town of Cochiti Lake serves as a

resource for the public good, providing general and timely information. Library

resources provide access to literature, technology, information, and

knowledge for all people. The Library is a site that fosters social interaction,

literacy, and life-long learning for citizens of all ages. 

About Us


In the year 2000, the library became a Public Library member of the New Mexico State Library. Three years later the name of the Cochiti Lake Public Library became the Irene S. Sweetkind Public Library in honor of the library's board of directors president, Irene Sweetkind, who was instrumental in the development of our public library.


The Irene S. Sweetkind Public Library has become the community center for the Town of Cochiti Lake and surrounding communities. Our collection has grown to more than 11,000 books and media. Our computer center provides four state-of-the-art public access computers and one specialized computer for children’s use. We also have a collection of eleven digital tablets (Kindles) with more than 50 books in our digital library and we are a member of the Sandoval County Digital Consortium which provides online access to more than 2500 e-books and audio books.

The library and the Community Fund of Cochiti Lake co-sponsored the Fourth Of July Parade and Picnic. Public events are free and are attended by people from the Town of Cochiti Lake as well as residents from nearby communities and visitors at the Cochiti Lake Campground. The library will be sponsoring a number of new activities for adults and 
children in the coming year.  These will include a Children's Story Hour, Middle School Book Club, High School Book Club, Blood Drives,

readings from local poets and authors and Featured Artists of the Month Shows as well as other projects.  Watch the Town of Cochiti Lake Facebook page and the Library showcase in the Mail Room for updates.  



Monday                  10AM - 6PM

Tuesday                  10AM - 6PM

Wednesday             10AM - 6PM

Thursday                12AM-  5PM

Friday                     Closed

2nd & 4th Saturday  10AM - 1PM

Sunday                   Closed



Next door over from Town Hall

6515A Hoochaneetsa Blvd.

Cochiti Lake, NM 87083


Library Catalog


Our library catalog list complete records of our library collection including more than 11,500 books and 2000 media materials such as audio books, videos, DVDs and digital books. Patron records are also kept in our library catalog and library patrons have can access the catalog by clicking this link:  Sweetkind Public Library Catalog

Public Access Computer Center

Our Public Access Computer Center provides six state-of-the-art computers for our library patrons’ use. We also have open-WiFi by which patrons can access the internet with their own devices. We provide individualized assistance for patrons to address a variety of technological needs such as: basic computer use and internet;  business services and e-commerce; government agencies including tax forms, Social Security and Medicare; airline reservations and boarding passes; digital photography and videos; designing & printing signs and brochures.  We offer printing and fax services for a minimal charge.

Digital Library



As a member of the Sandoval County Digital Consortium our library provides access to a digital library of more than 4,500 downloadable e-books and audio books for adults, teens, and kids.  Users can sign in using their library card, and check out up to five books for a

2-week or 3-week period downloaded directly to their devices: Kindles, iPads, cell phones, computers.  Sandoval Digital Library

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