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The Town of Cochiti Lake does not manage the lake recreation area or access to Tent Rocks.  There are numbers below that you can use to get information. 

Town Administration

Dolly Kauley, Town Adminstrator                                505.465.2421

6515A Hoochaneetsa Blvd, Cochiti Lake, NM 87083


Emergency & Law Enforcement

Fire, Medical, and Emergency                                                  911

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Law Enforcement                  505.345.2867

Cochiti Lake Volunteer Fire & Rescue (non-emergency) 505.465.2737


Cochiti Golf Club & Pro Shop

Stone Kiva Bar & Grille

5200 Cochiti Highway                                                505.465.2239


Cochiti Lake Recreation Area




Kasha-Katuwe (Tent Rocks)

National Monument                                                      505.331.6259



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