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Sean owns New Mexico Earth Works, (, a residential and government facility construction company based in Santa Fe.  He has built or added onto numerous homes in the Town.  He values the reasonably priced building lots that have great views of at least one of the five surrounding mountain ranges while still being near medical, fire, education, and recreation services.


Mary Ellen originally was attracted to Cochiti Lake by the warm and welcoming neighbors she met here on a visit.  She enjoys the musicians, singers, wood craftsmen, jewelers, gardeners, and other artists sharing their specialties.  Mary Ellen is a landscape and wildlife lover.  Beautiful sunsets, vistas, and wildflowers abound here.  Cochiti Lake is in a flyway stop, so a great variety of birds can be spotted from your own back yard.  Coyotes, jack rabbits, road runners, deer and along the Rio Grande river, elk may be seen.  She's even seen a mountain lion!


Anita is one of our many residents with technical backgrounds.  She is the webmaster for this website, for example, and has a background in research and technical  business development.  She loves to hike the Tent Rocks trails and to run on the dam.  She notes how nurturing Cochiti Lake is with its beauy, safety and peacefulness as well as its supportive and caring residents. 


If you haven’t met Craig Barth, you are really missing out on talking with a very interesting person.   Craig has been a resident of Cochiti Lake since 2008 and almost immediately became a dedicated volunteer.  Craig is passionate about helping others to see and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us here.  You may see him involved in organizing a cultural event featuring Cochiti Pueblo artists or any number of events in town.  Read More...


Alan is our local music-related electronics expert.  He also builds beautiful custom furniture by commission.  He's a big community comtributor in roles such as the website photographer, community fund chairperson, and music provider for many events.  Alan's Cochiti Lake favorites include playing golf at the Cochiti Golf Course, one of the top five golf courses in New Mexico, enjoying the relaxed and laid-back quality of life here, and participating in the civic events.   


Mary Badarak, our librarian, moved to Cochiti Lake from Atlanta, GA in the summer of 2003.  She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of California, and a PhD in Music Theory from Northwestern University. She has taught Music Theory and Composition at the University of Northern Iowa, the University of California in Santa Cruz, and at Georgia State University. Mary is a nationally recognized, award winning composer and choral director.  Read More...

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