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Let's work together to make our Town even better.

Fire and Emergency Services Volunteers


There are currently more than 20 volunteers in the Fire and Emergency Services Department.  More volunteers are needed for medical training as an EMT, fire training to become a firefighter, response support training to assist with operating emergency vehicles, and administrative support training to assist with administrative duties.  Our department provides a minimum of 2 hours of medical training per month, 2 hours of fire training per month, and a business meeting on the first Thursday of each month.  The length of training varies based on the role the member wishes to fill.  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. 


Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or 16 years of age to be a Junior Member, desire to serve the community, and have a satisfactory background check.


Contact John

Library Volunteers


There are usually about 15 volunteers on the library team.  Most volunteers work one or two half day shifts a month.  The work includes handling the checking in and out of books, filing, and straightening,   


The volunteers find it to be pleasant, “feel-good” work and an opportunity to stay in touch with other neighbors.


Contact  Mary

Desert Paws Volunteers


Desert Paws is a New Mexico non-profit, no-kill animal rescue and adoption service.  They foster pets who are abandoned or are at risk of being killed at local animal shelters.  They also work with families to keep their family pets.  If a pet must be re-homed due to death/illness of owner, they help re-home the pet and avoid shelter placement.  The organization is all-volunteer and 100% of donations go toward pet food and medical care. 


Contact Raymond

Memorial Park Volunteers


Our Memorial Park was the venue for two weddings this summer.  It is a beautiful place enjoyed by all residents.


Gene Segura takes care of the watering but otherwise the Memorial Park is totally maintained by volunteers. Additional volunteers are needed to preserve our wonderful park.  Gardening expertise is optional as volunteers can be given direction.  Tools are available and training can be provided. 


Contact Justin



Community Fund


The Community Fund serves the people and interests of the Town of Cochiti Lake community by evaluating proposals and providing grants to community individuals, government, and non-profits in need of assistance.  


Below are the documents you need to apply for a grant from the Community Fund: 







Neighborhood Watch Volunteers


The neighborhood watch volunteers are a group of residents who pay special attention to crime and vandalism prevention within our town.  They keep an eye on our  properties and report suspicious incidents to the police.


For a list of neighborhood watch leaders, click here.


Contact Sharon

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