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Town Government

Town Assembly

Mayor Don Topper

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Laine

Bill Riker, Assembly Member

Robert Levin, Assembly Member

Pam Plaza, Assembly Member


The Cochiti Lake Town Assembly is comprised of five town residents who are elected by town residents.  The term of an elected town official is four years. 


The Mayor is chosen from the Assembly members, and is elected by the Assembly.  He or she has an influence over town affairs equal to the other Assembly members.  The powers of the Town of Cochiti Lake are vested in the Town Assembly, subect to provisions of the Charter.


On the 4th Thursday of each month, the Assembly gathers to discuss Town business.  These meetings are open to the public and are held at 2 PM in the Fire Hall, unless otherwise noted.


Several times a year, a casual social event is held, giving residents a chance to visit assembly members and other neighbors.


The Election Board members are Jacque Cooper (Presiding Judge), Robert Guy, Charles Reading and Judy Reading.  The Zoning Board members are David Craig (Chairperson), Bill Higham, Les Zielinski, Ruth Jacobs and Kathy White.





Town Staff

Town Administrator

Dolly Kauley

Library Director

Mary Badarak

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